At ItsWood™, we specialize in producing responsibly sourced thermally modified hardwood for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

ItsWood™ begins with the careful selection of domestically grown timber, which undergoes our chemical-free thermal modification process using heat and steam. This unique process fundamentally alters the wood's cellular structure, enhancing ItsWood™ durability, dimensional stability, and resistances to mold, rot, and fungal decay without using harsh chemicals.

Our Process

ItsWood™ thermal modification process is a meticulous three-phase procedure.

Phase One: Kiln

Rapidly raise the kiln temperature to reduce moisture content from the wood, removing the food sources for mold, rot, fungal decay, and insects.

Phase Two: Thermal Modification

The combination of heat and steam work to harden and eliminate moisture. ItsWood™ products are now resistant to water absorption, and the converted natural sugars in the wood, result in a darker, richer appearance.

Phase Three: Cooldown

The wood is cooled down, bringing the final moisture content to 4%-6%, improving products’ dimensional stability. The result is a far more durable and visually appealing material ready for various applications.

Why Choose ItsWood™?

Enhanced Durability

Increased resistance to mold, rot, and decay, extending the lifespan of wood to 25+ years & saving you $$ overtime

Dimensional Stability

ItsWood™ exhibits minimal expansion and contraction, reducing warping and cupping by up to 70%.


We use only our heat and steam technology to modify ItsWood™, making our products environmentally friendly and safe for both indoor and outdoor use


ItsWood™ can be easily glued, painted, or finished to achieve the desired look for your project

Rich Appearance

Our thermal modification causes permanent reactions throughout the hardwood, changing its color to a rich, chocolate brown. This deep color mimics the look of exotic species that are normally sold for double the price


The reduced moisture content in ItsWood™ makes our products lighter in weight, making them easier to transport, handle, and install


ItsWood™ is committed to sustainable practices. Our wood is domestically sourced from responsibly managed forests in the United States. By choosing our thermally modified wood products, you're supporting renewable resources while reducing the impact many chemically treated building materials have on our environment.

Low Maintenance

While ItsWood™ is relatively low maintenance, we recommend finishing your exterior product with a natural wood UV protective surface finish to maintain its original color and integrity


From materials cost and quality to durability and the elimination of harsh chemicals, ItsWood saves you money from start to finish.

Products & Applications

ItsWood™ thermally modified wood products are used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, including:
ItsWood Siding


Our wood siding comes in a range of profiles and is ideal for enhancing the exterior of any structure.



ItsWood™ decking offers an eco-conscious alternative to exotic hardwoods. ItsWood™ provides exotic hardwood durability and natural beauty without the high cost or extreme environmental impact.

Dimensional Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

From windows and doors to interior flooring, ItsWood™ is available in various sizes and profiles to meet your specific project needs.



ItsWood™ is also used for indoor and outdoor furniture, adding warmth and character to any space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ItsWood™?

    ItsWood™ uses thermal modification technology, which uses heat and steam to transform wood on a molecular level, which transforms the wood into a highly durable building material perfect for outdoor and indoor home improvement and construction projects.

  • Are ItsWood™ products chemically treated?

    No, ItsWood™ is thermally modified using only heat, steam, and time, making it environmentally friendly and safe.

  • What color is ItsWood™ after thermal modification?

    ItsWood™ develops a beautiful, deep, rich brown color once thermally modified. ItsWood™ will sustain this color with proper treatment and care. However, if left untreated, it may slowly develop an attractive natural silver tone over time.

  • What is the lifespan of thermally modified hardwood?

    ItsWood™ has a lifespan of 25+ years due to its enhanced durability and resistance to decay.

  • Do ItsWood™ products exhibit checking and cracking over time?

    Minor checks and cracks may appear initially but will diminish over time. Regular re-application of wood-protecting oil can help speed up this process.

  • Should I pre-drill the wood prior to installation?

    Yes, we recommend pre-drilling for screws/nails to prevent splitting. Stainless steel fasteners are recommended for best results.

  • What spacing is recommended for ItsWood™ Decking?

    Deck boards require a minimum of 3/16” spacing and must be installed no less than 8” above the ground.

  • Is ItsWood™ environmentally friendly?

    Certainly! ItsWood™ is manufactured using eco-conscious methods and is devoid of harmful chemicals, rendering it a green alternative to composite materials and expensive exotic hardwoods. With ItsWood™, our focus on sustainability means our products contribute to carbon storage over multiple generations. ItsWood™ provides an eco-friendly foundation for architecture, construction, and design compared to non-renewable materials and tropical hardwoods.

  • What is ItsWood™ used for?

    From siding to decking, dimensional lumber, and furniture, ItsWood™️ is used for a wide variety of projects. For more information regarding your needs, please contact us directly at

  • Is thermally modified wood expensive?

    ItsWood™ offers competitive pricing compared to its alternatives, making it an affordable and sustainable choice for your projects.

    ItsWood™ offers a unique blend of durability, sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and cost savings, making it the right choice for your next project.

  • How do I choose the right type of wood for my project?

    ItsWood™️ is versatile and can be used in almost any application. For more information regarding your needs, please contact us directly at

  • Where is ItsWood located?

    ItsWood™️ is located at:
    Physical Address: 10325 Old Baxter Rd. Building A, Baxter, TN. 38544
    Mailing Address: Thermal Hardwood Sales LLC. P.O. BOX 502, Baxter, TN. 38544

    You may also reach us at the phone number and email address below.
    Office: (615) 933-9585

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